About Us

Many multinational groups collect vast amounts of information from their subsidiaries, and then sort this by legal structure. This work can be very burdensome without the help of an entity management software which efficiently collects and stores all company related information in one place. This allows data to be searched and retrieved easily and efficiently.

Bayard is a powerful and flexible system built to collect and sort your data and give you an overview of your group structure.

It also allows you to quickly find the information you are looking for, whether it is the ownership structure, contracts, company specific information or historical ownership and transactions.

Being a web based system it is easy to install, use and maintain, especially for groups with many foreign subsidiaries.

Who is Bayard for?

Any group will benefit from using Bayard. The system minimizes the administrative burden of collecting and sorting company related information.

Both medium sized and large groups can use Bayard as we apply a flexible pricing structure. Fees are charged depending on how many people use the software and the number of entities in your group.

Bayard will help those who struggle to:

  • Keep track of the legal structure and transactions in a group
  • Collect information and numbers per legal entity
  • Search for and find historical data
  • Create visual presentations of the group structure
  • Keep track of documents and contracts
  • Validate and secure high quality entity data
  • Help and track para-legal activities

Why Bayard?

Bayard Company Register is a multi-jurisdictional, cost efficient entity management software which includes all key information requested by large and medium sized groups.


The system is very flexible and can be custom built to include any information you would like to collect. Bayard saves a significant amount of time on a recurring basis.

Automatic error checks

The system includes numerous automatic checks for potential errors. This helps with data entry and the review processes. The system also issues automated email reminders to users.

Continuous Improvement

We update the system regularly to make it easier to use and improve the automatic error checking systems.. These continuous improvements will ensure that you save time with administration and data entry.

Highest Quality

Our automatic checking system maximises the quality of data being stored.

Updates Included

Updates are provided as standard with no additional fee.

Easy to use

Large and medium sized groups benefit from using our entity management software.


Bayard is a user-friendly system for collecting, sorting and storing entity data. An interface allows data to be searched directly, enabling you to find the information you need. Either use pre-built reports or our advanced visual search engine, and then export this data to Excel.


  • Legal information, corporate name history, registration numbers, VAT numbers,
    company addresses, registers, share capital history, and much more.
  • Associated persons, board members, auditors, officers, bank accounts, signatory rights, etc.
  • Shareholder information, ownership percentages, book values, transactions affecting ownership, book values, the number of shares, and more.

In addition to this standard information, we can customize the system to your specific needs. This can be simply adding data collection fields to an existing form or custom building and adding on a completely new module.
Data can be entered centrally or locally by user with an internet connection.
Bayard Company Register allows for multi-tier access levels which enable you to restrict information in a variety of ways, including by country, segment, department, or information type.

Reports and presentations

Data can be accessed via a number of pre-built reports.
Custom made reports can be built on request.

Examples of pre-built reports include:

  • Legal ownership structure with indentation
  • Current and past directorships
  • Historical company name search
  • Transaction history per company
  • Registers
  • Investment returns
  • Dashboard
  • Legal and tax obligations dashboard


We have a uniquely rich range of IT, finance and accounting expertise.

Jabir Chakib

Managing Partner
Jabir has more than 25 years experience as a project manager, business manager and executive in IT, business and finance in Paris and Luxembourg. In particular, he has launched new products, including work managing programmers developing tailor-made applications.